Universal Energy

Healing with Universal Energy

The Method of Healing by using Universal Energy
U.E. healing is to transfer energy to the patient using only the bare hands of the practitioner. For the higher-level-practitioners, the physical contact with the patient is not even necessary, i.e. healing by telepathy.

The process of transferring and integrating U.E. into the patients’ bodies is to re-establish a new balance to the damaged cells in their bodies. People get sick due to imbalances of energy in the human organs /systems. Therefore, after the patient has received the energy transfer from the U.E. practitioner, the new balance is re-established; the patients’ health is then restored. Each transfer time for U.E. takes not more than 5 minutes (depending on the practitioner’s level of study), and usually only one time per day.

This treatment requires the practitioner to have THOUGHTS and CHARACTERS listed below.

1. The practitioner always exercises thought to achieve SELF-CONTROL in all activities, from the smallest family duty to the highest position in the society. This is the extremely difficult GODLIKE SELF-CULTIVATION the practitioner must ATTAIN. Although time and space last endlessly the practitioner should do one’s utmost to achieve self-cultivation. When we attain that result, only then can we truly bring the source of happiness to all PATIENTS.

2. The practitioner and his or her family or his fiancees or her fiancees must endure every social trial and accept every circumstance occurring to his or her family even though that circumstance is considered the worst. The more we try to endure, the more rapidly our karma will cease. When we endure, our psychic perspicacity reach a higher level. When we attain a high level, our body will be easily able to attract UNIVERSAL ENERGY. In only such cases do we truly have sufficient capacity to TREAT all PATIENTS coming to us, though those people have several DIFFICULT-TO-TREAT ILLNESSES.

3. Placing the LOVE OF PATIENTS on an equal footing with the LOVE OF FAMILY , we should not discriminate against any person.

4. During treatment, our THOUGHT must always be directed toward the PATIENT. We must not be distracted by the external environment.

5. This method requires the practitioner to sacrifice his or her personal interests, denying FAME, AMBITION, and LOVE. Fame should be brought to one’s native land, ambition should be sacrificed to interest in one’s people, and love should be extended to everyone.

6. There are 7 main points in our body. After they are opened, we will help other people with great deal. After brothers and sisters have practiced self-cultivation for a certain period of time with results, we will help them to clear six points, so that they may get used to practicing TREATMENT. After that, if the occasion occurs, we will open the seventh grand point. At that time, the brothers and sisters will be equal to us, and also have opportunities to realize those cherished wishes they have to help mankind.

CHAKRA 1: The most secret position of the body is the place between the anus and the genitalia, the residence of a mass of extremely special divine fire.

When this mass of fire “goes up” or “run” up the hollow spinal canal, SUHUMMA, as it is called in Sanskrit, goes up directly to the brain like a long fire snake. Therefore, it is called FIRE SNAKE. When the fire snake goes up easily, the person is possessed by spirits. On the contrary, if the yogi understands clearly the cause of this danger and takes precautions beforehand by practicing the purge of impurities making his body clean and light and automatically freeing himself from obstructions of energy channels and point networks or if the yogi is informed by a knowledgeable person who opens chakras for him, then this danger no longer exists. After having overcome this difficult phase, the yogi still will have to face other trials; however, with perseverance and modesty and by listening to reason, he can attain his goal.

CHAKRA 2: The position lies on the coccyx. This chakra regulates and strongly affects health, as well as the inner strength of the human being. If we incline toward banal pleasures and lusts of the flesh, naturally our strength will be wasted with no means of being replenished. Our body will be gradually weakened. On the contrary, if we know how to conserve that vital energy, this chakra will develop strongly, bringing our energy up to the brain and helping it to progress and to become more and more refined every day until the level of perfect enlightenment with the thorough knowledge of the truth inherent in everything is reached. It is only by attaining this level that the veil of obscurity can be destroyed.

CHAKRA 3: This chakra lies on the spine at the waistline. This grand point controls all functions of digestion, excretion, creation of new blood to nourish the body and also utilization of the energy from the daily food intake to enrich the inner strength, or the vital energy.

This chakra regulates the caloric energy in the body and the activities of the stomach, kidneys, liver, spleen, and intestines. If this regulation is weakened, the illness, especially CANCER, of internal organs occurs very easily.

CHAKRA 4: This chakra lies on the spine at the heart level. This chakra directs the Spiritual qualities of compassion, philanthropy, purity, nobility perfection, tolerance, forgiveness, and especially the vast love that embraces the universe. This chakra is the Buddhist character.

When this Grand Point is unblocked, the chakra spins at an extremely rapid speed. All the cells of our body vibrate to such a high degree that we can express our LOVE and COMPASSION to all mankind. If this chakra is not cleared to become effective and though we talk about compassion, it is only lip service, having no real impact.

If we know how to express our love and compassion, which is accompanied by an extremely high level of vibration then this love and compassion can free mankind from a great number of their karma.

CHAKRA 5: This chakra directs the respiratory organs, such as the nose, lungs, throat and skin. When this Chakra is unblocked, the respiratory afflictions will be diminished very much, including asthma.

Asthma is generally caused by impurities. The more impurities are removed, the more the asthma is alleviated. Some persons suffer serious asthma because of karma from past lives. This illness due to karma can be cured only when the subject takes pains to practice godlike self-cultivation, is conscious of his karma, and repents.

CHAKRA 6: Lying approximately two centimeters below the hairline in the center of the forehead is the Divine Eye; the third eye, or the divine Clairvoyance. To use the Divine Eye, one must have abundant inner strength; therefore, first of all, we must clear the Chakras, purge impurities, and exercise to increase inner strength. The Divine Eye can see psychic images from the past, the present, and the future concerning person. It is able to understand clearly astrology and geomancy. The Divine Eye can also uses Supernatural Light like an extremely powerful searchlight to sweep out all impurities, discern disasters in certain locations, or save an area from catastrophes. The efficiency of the Divine Eye varies depending on a person’s destiny and karma, but this third eye is indeed an extremely precious gem for the practitioner of godlike self-cultivation.

CHAKRA 7: This Chakra lies on top of the head. When we evolve to an extremely high level, this Chakra becomes a dazzling yellow color, extremely beautiful, looking like a thousand-petal lotus covering all the upper half of the head. Ordinarily we see only opaque white, gray, brown or black colors around people’s heads; those colors result from impurities in their brain. If when we encounter people with an awfully “black” color around their head, we should not talk about faith with them. If we preach moral principles to them, it is useless, unless they beg us to save them and when we have enough Inner Strength and an extremely Supernatural Light to “burn out” some of their impurities. In case they sincerely persevere in their wish to improve their ways, it is because of their moral conscience and we should try to save them. We should not refuse, because to refuse, to avoid “saving” those who have a Moral Conscience, is also to cause a karma of selfishness and lack of compassion for saving others. The Supreme Being may also refuse to save us. However, if by using the Divine Eye we can see the bad intentions of bad people who have no “moral conscience” or who want only to test us and to disturb the serenity of our godlike self-cultivation, then we should skillfully avoid them.

If we want to achieve the serenity of our MORAL CONSCIENCE, we must cultivate ourselves to achieve the calmness and the tranquillity of godlike self-cultivation. We should not let our mind be disturbed or agitated, and especially we should not compete with others to win or to lose, belittle others, or “boast” of ourselves as being skilled or clever. Let us close our eyes, stop our ears, and not let worldly talk disturb us.

. After the Grand Point Chakra 7 has been opened. This Grand Point becomes an invisible aperture (not a cranial crack) to receive Divine Thoughts, Supernatural Light and the Vital Energy of the universe, and sometimes to receive Cosmic Rays and Cosmic Radiation without being burnt to ashes although the temperature of cosmic radiation is extremely hot. We have learned about these things in order to broaden our knowledge, but we have not yet reached the level to practice them. Kundalini is also a kind of cosmic fire, extremely hot and containing only positive charges.

Chakra 7 controls perceptions, the mind, intelligence, knowledge, thoughts, the subconscious, the conscious, the will, and reasoning. Chakra 7 is also supported by special brain cells called ultra micro cells.

From the time that mankind sank deeply into Vicious Evils, karma of arrogance, haughtiness and vanity, they fell farther and farther away from the happy life of the psyche, CONSCIOUS MIND, unselfish LOVE and the COMPASSION of God. Mankind also has “completely forgotten” these ultra micro cells and no longer remembers them nor how to use them. Besides being the MAJOR POINT on top of the head, chakra 7 also includes all the ultra micro cells of the brain; therefore, when we have evolved highly, chakra 7 and the ultra micro cells shine brightly with a dazzling yellow color and have a highly intense vibration. The power of this vibration will spread to every cell, making our whole body “vibrate” with stronger and higher intensity until it reach the climax that we call Nirvana, Heaven, or Paradise. These ultra micro cells have a very special characteristic that we temporarily call Cells that Create Photoelectric images. Those cells accompany immortal and imperishable soul, and when a soul reincarnate to a certain body, those cells enter the brain of that body.

MEDITATION is also reflection that helps us to use the ULTRA MICRO CELLS correctly, and does not involve long hours of sitting, making our legs numb, making us “resemble” the statue of Buddha, or making us “see” this or that. In fact, with the ultra micro cells that we already have in our possession, we are supposed to be extremely intelligent and wise, with an immense knowledge and with sublime and transcendent thoughts. However, the reason we are too weak, stupid, selfish, arrogant, greedy, and cruel to use them is that dense and inky-black impurities have covered the ultra micro cells during the existence of millions of lives. That is the black veil of darkness that has made us degenerate and undergo samsara, eternally in the anguish of reincarnations.

We need not “study” useless, absolutely empty but seemingly melodious theories and easily understood thoughts written by “others” because they belong to other persons and not to us. On the contrary, when we take pains consciously to clean impurities from our body, then illnesses will diminish and bad habits will also decrease. Naturally we will be more intelligent, more lucid, and more refined every day, because we already possess a “store-house” full of wisdom and wise experiences in our subconscious and in our ultra micro cells.

Beside the Kundalini (Fire Snake) and Chakras ; we should pay much attention to problems with and elimination of impurities as well as to the matter of increasing our inner energy to an abundant and overflowing level, in order to be able to control the superhuman powers available in every one of us.


These are the general bylaws to be used for all worldwide centers and annexes, as approved by Master Dang

DEFINITION: This is a method of applying Universal Energy as a healing and preventive tool to promote health.

TRAINING COURSES: in general, the Training Courses are designed to make this tool available to the people who are interested. We only provide the guideline, and the practitioners are the ones who decide the effectiveness of this teaching through their personal applications.

There are several key points we make sure the students understand when they attend the classes:
1) We do not prescribe any form of chemical substance nor medication, and we do not propose any dietary program;
2) We work in conjunction with the current medical standard, and we do not give advice on medical related issues, such as continuing with chemotherapy, undergoing surgery, etc. We strongly recommend the clients to consult with their physicians on these matters;
3) We can apply these techniques to help other people upon their request. If there is a request and we are not available, we can decline or wait until we are free. There is no obligation, a person can learn this technique simply for his/her own health and if he/she does not wish to help anyone there is no problem, he/she can still transfer energy to heal effectively;
4) We always make sure the students understand this is not a religion. This method is an alternative way to help mankind discover another aspect of the latent potentials of the human mind and body. Through the study and practice, we can develop our knowledge to have a better view about life from both – physical and spiritual perspectives;
5) We offer this method to all people without any discrimination in regard to color, race, religion, sex, politics or physical handicap. Anyone can learn Universal Energy Healing, under one condition that he/she must be at least 14 years old;
6) We can transfer energy to help anyone who request it and the service is totally free of charge. We do not make demands when people ask us to transfer energy to heal them.

U.S.A., May 10, 2001

Prof. Dr. Sir Master Luong Minh Dang
M.D.(T.M.), Ph.D., D.Sc., K.St.J (Knight Commander)
Founder of Mankind-Enlightenment-Love